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Horror Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

February 10, 2010


I went into Paranormal Activity a bit grumpy. I’ll admit, it was just one of those nights. I had a bad attitude and merely looking to pass the time, although I had been wanting to watch Paranormal Activity for some time. I usually don’t watch movies in the theaters, and it was the same with […]

Horror Movie Review: Chill

September 29, 2009


Chill was a low budget, Saturday afternoon, bored out of my mind type of movie. No need to watch this in the dark, ladies and gentlemen . . . it just isn’t scary. I can handle bad acting. A low budget does not bring in top actors. That’s fine. All in all, the actors did […]

Horror Movie Review: Simon Says

September 29, 2009


Simon says: Were the producers attempting a comedy, or a horror film? Simon says: This was a bad movie. Five college students head into the woods. Okay, been done a million times, but I’ll bite. Not for long, though, because it goes downhill soon after. The ‘bad-guy’ is none other than Marty McFly’s father in […]

Horror Movie Review: Cold Prey

July 27, 2009


This is the second time I’ve done it. I went to the video store ten minutes before closing time. I quickly found the movie my wife wanted. Then, I haphazardly picked up Cold Prey. It looked good. The cover and synopsis sold me. And once again, ladies and gentlemen . . . another FOREIGN film. […]

Sci-Fi Movie Review: Chrysalis

July 27, 2009


Last week I rented Chrysalis. My writing was done for the day, and my wife was uninterested in watching a movie. No bartering. No debating. The movie choice was all mine— Perfect! So, after careful browsing—(or so I believed)—I rented Chrysalis for a simple reason: Science Fiction. (Very mild sci-fi, though, which was disappointing). You […]

Horror movie review: Friday the 13th (the new one)

July 5, 2009


I spent my fourth of July at home, watching the new Friday the 13th. Sounds dull, doesn’t it? My wife was out of town, and I was mentally exhausted. A night watching a horror flick sounded about right to me. Friday the 13th was good. Not great—not bad. But good. At least I wasn’t bored […]

Horror Movie Review: Red Ridge

June 3, 2009


Last night I watched Red Ridge. This movie was horrifying . . . but not necessarily in a good way. Some movies use too much gore. Some overkill with the special effects. This one used a different approach. I don’t usually have spoilers in my reviews, but I’ll spoil just a little . . . […]

Horror Movie Review: House

June 1, 2009


I’ve been on a horror kick lately. My addiction—my guilty pleasure—has always been horror. Unlike most, I can handle a B-side horror movie any day. Bad acting doesn’t falter me all that much. I am okay with a simple plot, too. Rehash of a rehash is fine with me. BUT, a few things MUST be: […]

Horror Movie Review: My Bloody Valentine

June 1, 2009


This movie had all the opportunity to be another Friday the 13th, or Halloween. Once again, I’ve been let down by my favorite genre. This movie was released in 3D,  in the theaters, and I’ll agree there is an allure to that. 3D movies are generally a novelty, but they’re also fun. I declare, however, […]


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