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The Gathering Dead

July 5, 2011


This was the first zombie story I’ve ever read, so I don’t have much to compare it to. I found the writing was fast-paced, and quite enjoyable. Good story about a team of civilians and soldiers trying to make it to safety in New York, surrounded by millions of zombies. The ideas weren’t necessarily all […]

The Immortality Virus

June 28, 2011


I received an advance copy from the writer. I had never heard of this author, nor read her work. It’s the future, and the world is in chaos. Four hundred years ago, humans stopped aging. Few knew why, and the Change cast the world into despair. Now, the powerful elite, The Establishment, rule the world. […]

The Dawning of Power

January 8, 2011


It’s hard for me to get into fantasy, even though I like to write it. Yet, though I don’t read much of it, it seems lately I’ve read more than my norm. My publisher suggested I read The Dawning of Power. He even let me borrow his copy. I’ll admit, I nearly put this book […]


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