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The Gathering Dead

This was the first zombie story I’ve ever read, so I don’t have much to compare it to. I found the writing was fast-paced, and quite enjoyable. Good story about a team of civilians and soldiers trying to make it to safety in New York, surrounded by millions of zombies. The ideas weren’t necessarily all that original, but the author paints a vivid picture, and it was a page-turner.

I definitely suggest if you like zombie stories.

Five-Star. I will read more of his work.

The Immortality Virus

I received an advance copy from the writer. I had never heard of this author, nor read her work.

It’s the future, and the world is in chaos. Four hundred years ago, humans stopped aging. Few knew why, and the Change cast the world into despair. Now, the powerful elite, The Establishment, rule the world.

And a bleak society it is.

Food is limited. Jobs are limited. Homelessness and slavery are the norm as people struggle to get by.

I love dystopian novels. The Immortality Virus was a wonderful read. I loved the beginning, where the author set up a bleak world. People fighting over food. Death and mayhem exist everywhere, and people don’t seem to care. As is typical in dystopian-and what causes me to love it-is people’s acceptance of such a bleak life. A life where collective thought has brought humanity to its end.

The author’s writing is engaging. Dialogue is solid, and the story moves quickly. I felt there were a few slow moments, but nothing distracting. My only complaint is the book cover. There were times I felt I wanted to know the characters better, but again, nothing distracting.

Overall, The Immorality Virus is a wonderful book. The author has talent, and I will read more of her work.


To find out more about the author:

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The Dawning of Power

It’s hard for me to get into fantasy, even though I like to write it.

Yet, though I don’t read much of it, it seems lately I’ve read more than my norm.

My publisher suggested I read The Dawning of Power. He even let me borrow his copy. I’ll admit, I nearly put this book down. At the start, I was lost. I wasn’t into it. A bit bored. Perhaps it was reading too late at night. Perhaps it was just my mood. No matter, I sat the book down for a week.

Usually, it’s over at that point—off to the cemetery of unread books.

I’m glad I gave The Dawning of Power another chance. I found the story to be a solid, intense read. It was thick, in depth, and sometimes over my head.

This book is long—a hefty read. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but be ready and be patient. It was a bit intimidating at first, but I found myself flying through the pages.

My only complaint: The Dawning of Power is mostly a character driven book. Overall, I felt Mr. Rathbone’s characters were vivid and alive. Likeable. However, the vast amount of characterization took away from the story at times. I felt it was lacking in drama—tension—the chase. The white knuckle, page turning feeling wasn’t always present. However, this didn’t distract me, and it was not always the case; I simply felt Mr. Rathbone could have put a bit more emphasis on the suspense. Regardless, it didn’t take away from my enjoyment.

Overall, The Dawning of Power is a classic tale, filled with adventure and lovable characters. The writing is passionate, and I suspect we’ll see much greatness from Mr. Rathbone in the future as his career progresses.