Chris Kyle Murdered

Chris Kyle: An American Sniper . . . Murdered!

chris kyleTwo days ago I received the news from some of my friends in the Special Forces community. Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, and national hero, was murdered. My heart sank.

Chris was a United States Navy SEAL. He was the most lethal sniper in U.S. history, having 160 confirmed kills. He served four tours of duty in Iraq. That’s right, FOUR tours! He earned two Silver Stars among others for his actions in combat.

In 2008, outside Sadr City, he made his longest successful shot. After spotting an insurgent with a rocket launcher near a U.S. Army convoy, Chris took the 2,100 yard shot, saving his fellow soldiers.

That’s 1.2 miles!

chris kyle





As a fan of marksmanship, the skill it takes to do such a thing is amazing. You’re more likely to graduate from Harvard than you are to enter such an elite group of warriors, and Chris excelled, defending his men, fighting for his country.

Chris spent countless times in combat. Politics aside, he took down those who threatened his fellow soldiers. I’d have done the same.

I’ll note I’ve read online (duh, it’s the net. Full of internet keyboard warriors) some unsavory comments about the man.

Thing is, without men like him, the elite warrior class, our way of life in America wouldn’t be the same. Politicians send men to war. Men like Chris do their duty. I respect that.

chris kyle 3Chris served within the Naval Special Warfare Command, serving over four tours of duty. Chris served in every major battle of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Due to his track record of success, Chris was deployed to Ramadi. The insurgents there put a $20,000 bounty on his head. It was later increased to $80,000.

During his four tours in Iraq, Chris was shot twice, as well as caught up in six separate IED explosions.

Yet he survived.

chris kyleChris gave his all to defend his country. I’ve spoken to members of the Special Forces community that knew Chris personally. They have nothing but the utmost respect for the man and his accomplishments. They are distraught by his death. It’s quite a sad irony, actually. People like Chris (Special Forces community) live wild and dangerous lives. They do things that 99.9% of us could never imagine doing, could never even fathom. While we sit on our couches and go to our dull jobs, men like Chris face constant danger. The irony is this: A warrior should die in combat. He should die protecting his men. Or, if lucky enough to live through it, should die an old man, honored for his service.

After leaving the Navy in 2009, he moved to Texas with his wife and two children.

chris kyle bookIn 2012, Chris’ autobiography was released. American Sniper is a wonderful read, and a best-seller. (I recommend purchasing this book. It’s a wonderful read, and the royalties due to him would help his grieving family).

To add to his honorable work, Chris paired with FITCO Cares Foundation, a non-profit group that provided help and life-coaching to in-need veterans with disabilities. He worked diligently with those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

And two days ago, his life was tragically cut short.

Chris was helping a Marine who had PTSD at an event on a private ranch. This Marine, for reasons yet unknown, shot Chris and another man point blank. Chris was young, and spent the majority of his time helping returning vets. He died too soon, and in a tragic way, leaving behind a wife and two young children. He’s survived some of the most dangerous situations a man could face, and yet died in such a manner. This haunts my soul. He died HELPING a fellow soldier, not in combat, but back home, where life should be safe, where he should have been able to continue his good work.

I offer my condolences to his friends, his family, and his team mates. The entire Special Forces community has suffered a tragic loss.

Click Here to buy his book

*And on a personal note. To all the enemies of the United States: Fuck You!

-Vincent Hobbes (Author of Khost)

13 thoughts on “Chris Kyle Murdered”

  1. So sorry for you loss, Vincent. If you give me your permission, I will post this on my FB page. 

    1. I won’t claim to be a friend, but I do know men who were very affected by this senseless act. Much honor to those who serve, and to make it to that level is something few could ever imagine. That being said, thank you for the kind comment. Keep his wife and children in your thoughts and prayers. And please feel free to post on your facebook. A warrior shouldn’t die in such a manner.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Great article, terrific sentiments and a true tragedy for our country. Thank you for your patriotic thoughts toward this real hero

  3. I am not from a Military family. I do know a few people that were in Iraq. I learned about Chris Kyle a few months ago, and Im from Texas, so his death his really affected me. His memorial is tomorrow (Monday) at Cowboys Stadium at 1:00 and they’re expecting 10s of thousands! He really was a living hero. Although i may not agree with what it is he did, i would die for the right to defend it!

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