‘As I know combat, it is long periods of foreboding and solemn thoughts of home, punctuated by moments of stark terror.’

-Dale Comstock

(Delta Force and CIA Operative)


1983—The Soviet Union is locked in a bitter war in Afghanistan against the cunning and vicious Mujahideen. To make matters worse, they are losing the war. With little hope of improving, the Soviet Union grows desperate, and creates an exotic chemical with one purpose:

To enhance their soldiers on the battlefield.

To test this creation, a secret mission uses this chemical on a Mujahideen hold-out, a massive cave complex on the far eastern border of Afghanistan.


2010—Khost Province, Afghanistan.

An elite team of Delta Force members have gone missing. All members gone, except a lone survivor: Sergeant C. York. He describes a horrifying tale, a nightmare come true.

A top-secret CIA team is brought it. These are all members of the elite Special Activities Division, a team of the best of the best. Delta Force, DEVGRU and a Marine Colonel Sharpshooter.

With a woman named Elizabeth in charge of this mission, this team suffers internal conflict and sheer terror as they are sent in to do one thing:

Investigate a cave.

Find out what happened in Khost.

Written by: Vincent Hobbes

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Vincent Hobbes presents: The Endlands

Welcome to where time stands still . . . no one leaves and no one will


“There is little more primordially frightening to us than the unknown. “The Endlands” is a collection of short stories aimed to frighten and ponder what we all fear the most, what’s behind that corner, what is there to antagonize us and what we simply cannot explain. With plenty to ponder and plenty to make it quite hard to put down, “The Endlands” is an excellent read and very highly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review


The Endlands—a place of darkness, of despair.

The Endlands—a place where terrifying legends are true.

Watch where you step, as there are things hiding in the recesses of your imagination that will keep you up at night. In this second volume, you will explore your deepest fears. You will find twisted realities, demonic diaries, and creatures from the beyond. So turn on a light, just enough to scare away the shadows, and enter the world of The Endlands.

The Endlands is a new short story anthology created by writer Vincent Hobbes. Inside you’ll find a carnival of short stories, each stranger than the last. The Endlands  includes 12 total authors and 17 mind-boggling stories that will promise to entertain your darkest fears.

A thin veil exists between reality and make-believe. When you take a moment and push that veil aside, perhaps you will see this place.

In The Endlands, nothing is what it seems.

Noises are not what you think.

Dreams are often nightmares.

Nothing is off limits.

No place is safe.


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The Endlands (Volume 2)

Release Date: November 13th, 2012

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The Endlands (Volume 1)

Release Date: January 17th, 2011

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3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of a paperback copy of The Endlands? I chose this book for a Book Club of 15 women and no one can find a copy. I have seasrched every where on the internet only to find ebook versions.

  2. Great book – enjoyed it. Well written dialogue & charactors that had nicely developed personality. Unique idea for the story. Looking forward to more. Keep writing!

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